Have you ever thought about what it is like to be a Business Analytics Professional?

What are the tools used by them to stay on the top?

Which kind of software & techniques make things easier for them?

Why should one possess the Business Analytics Training from a reputed platform?

What are the analytics tools about which a professional should know before entering this field?

R Programming

R can be defined as a programming language that used for statistical computing as well as graphics. In simple words, you can call it a free software environment that has full support from R Foundation for statistical Computing works.

Why you need it?

There is a requirement for a solid tool to run a machine learning algorithm. Along with that, this one is very easier to control and come with adequate power when we consider about machine learning capability.

What are the applications of R?

There are plenty of things where R programming is used. It includes neural nets, logistic regression, running linear, random forest, statistical analysis, and many more.


Excel is one of the most common MS office tools about which every business analytics should know for sure. It is the major tool utilized for manipulation & visualization of data.

Why you need it?

Many of the pre & post tool analysis is performed using Excel. It can turn out to be very handy for all the data scientists as well as business analytics. Almost all the companies use this tool for the beginning level of analytics.

What are the applications of Excel?

Some major applications of Excel are charting, data visualization, presentation, quick analysis, charting, and output among others.

Market Basket Analysis

Association Rule Mining can be defined as the process that targets the observing the regular occurring correlations, patterns, and association from a data set.

Why you need it?

It can be seen in a great variety of databases like transactional databases, relational databases, and many others. However, it is important to keep one thing in mind that they are only beneficial when there is a requirement for finding regular occurring patterns in a data.

What are the major applications of Market Basket Analysis?

Let us tell you about some applications that are used in reality:

  • Identifying items that can be purchased from a retail store at once.
  • Finding fraud by tracking transactions having non-similar nature
  • Finding which items demand to stock at once on a kiosk
  • The chances of the occurrence of a certain illness related to different factors & symptoms needed to be identified in medicine cases.
  • Choosing which quotations needed to sent to the customers
  • Giving recommendations according to the YouTube videos liked by the programmers
  • Proposing a course that a student needs to take on the basis of their history.

Logistic Regression

What do you understand by Logistic Regression? It can be defined as an appropriate regression analysis that takes place in the cases of a dichotomous dependent variable. It is a predictive analysis same as all the other regression analysis.

Why you need it?

To describe data and to explain the relationship between variables, the logistic regression is used. It is done in the cases when the relationship ordinal, ratio-level or binary variable needs to be addressed. On top of that, it will also be needed when there will be a requirement for eliminating a binary classification issue like predicting the result of a binary dependent variable.

What are the applications of Logistic Regression?

  • Checking out whether the email is authentic or spam?
  • Finding whether my email is opened by a person or not?
  • Making a predication about whether a buyer will buy this item or not?
  • Predicting the chances of a customer to port their mobile connection or not in the telecom industry.
  • Forecasting whether the machine will break down in the upcoming three months or not?


Statistics is a common thing about which almost every business analyst should have knowledge. It can be defined as the branch of mathematics that involves plenty of activities related to data. It includes analysis, interpretation, collection, presentation, organizing, and many more.

Why you need it?

It is a pretty important technique that gives understanding regarding interferential & applied statistics. This technique has become pretty popular in recent years.

What are the applications of Statistics?

  • This technique is used for creating the fundamentals of tons of machine learning algorithms.
  • Normal statistical learning is important for understanding the output of these algorithms adequately.

Linear Regression

Linear Regression is one of the most important techniques that business analysts use for modeling a linear relationship between an outcome variable. In simple words, we can say that it is the supervised learning method that business analysts used too much nowadays.

Why you need it?

The machine learning field has seen a lot of utilization of linear regression for predicting the continuous value. The value of a dependent variable is predicted by a regression task on the basis of independent variables set.

What are the applications of Linear Regressions?

  • The stock prices are predicted based on firm performance, historical rates, etc. using Linear Regressions.
  • The rainfall prediction on the basis of temperature, humidity, time, etc. is made.
  • The sales statistics of a retail store are predicted with certain parameters like store type, timing, a budget, budget, etc.
  • The call quantity can be predicted using linear regression for a telecom organization.
  • The quantity of insurance claims is predicted using this technique so the real workforce requirement can be identified.
  • The quantity of things required to be stocked for an e-commerce platform monthly can be predicted.

Decision Trees

Decision Tree can be defined as a supervised learning algorithm that comes with a pre-defined target variable. This technique utilized for solving a great range of classification issues. They are used in both categorical as well as continuous input & output variables.

Why you need it?

The population or sample is split into two parts using this technique on the basis of the most significant splitter. In simple words, it can be utilized for predicting a categorical result.

What are the applications of Decision Trees?

  • The demographic segment of a customer is identified using this technique.
  • Whether the customer is paying his/her credit card payment or not can be predicted.
  • Making prediction whether the email opened by a person or not.
  • Identifying whether someone will buy a certain item or not.
  • Making a predication about the quantity of insurance claims for identifying the perfect workforce needs
  • Predicting the quantity of things needed to be stocked for an e-commerce organization for a certain period.

Time Series Modelling

Time Series Analysis can be defined as a statistical method for dealing with trend analysis and time series data. From the Time Series Data, we can say data that is in the series of certain time period or interval.

Why you need it?

The Time Series Modeling can be very important when you have access to time series data respective to a particular time duration.

What are the applications of Time Series Modeling?

  • Making a prediction about the stock prices
  • The future demands can be forecasted for a production firm using this technique.
  • Predicting the quantity of units in all the categories where purchases made in a retail store.
  • Assessing the number of births for a certain city
  • Assessing the quantity of new magazines needed to be bought in a shop


Clustering also is known as Cluster Analysis can be defined as work to group together tons of objects in a certain way so that things look in a cluster.

Why you need it?

Moreover, it can be defined as an unsupervised algorithm that utilized on the requirement to club the same type of entities based on certain characteristics.

What are the applications of Clustering?

  • The customer segments created for marketing purposes
  • The groups of the same type of outlets can be identified with this technique
  • The taxis are identified especially within the geography with this technique. It named as Geospatial analysis.

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