Things to do and avoid for creating an Impressive Resume

Are you super-excited for the posting that you have seen in a job portal? Do you think that it will turn out to be incredible for your career? If yes, then we all know that the most suitable step to make here sending your resume to the concerned company. No one can deny that a resume is the most amazing tool for creating an impression and giving your introduction to the hiring manager of an organization.

It is important that you should aware of the resume is the first thing that read by the hiring manager. He/she read this piece of paper before you even meet them. Briefing all your skills and career in a single page isn’t an easy task, and that’s why you should stay careful while creating one.

There is an important role played by an impactful resume in the hiring process. It is a very important thing that you need to keep in mind. We will tell you about the major Do’s and Don’ts that will assist you in creating a resume impactful and incredible. No matter, you are a complete fresher who are looking to develop their first resume, or you have already become a professional want to update their old resume, keeping these points in mind will give an additional boost to it. It will add the much-needed spark to your resume.

What is the Do’s for writing an Impressive Resume?

Firstly, we will talk about the Do’s that you need to keep in mind while creating a solid resume. Please check about each of them in detail below:


The biggest mistake that we made is sending the same kind of resume every time applied for the job. However, you should tailor the resume for every position you apply so that your qualifications & expertise can be highlighted. You should modify it in such a way that your resume can address particular job needs.

Pinpointing your most important experiences

The recruiter for the present job will evaluate you after checking the relevant experience. There is no way that he/she will hire a professional that hails from a completely different industry. That’s why we suggest you are highlighting the relevant experience at the top. This task may look tiring for a fresher or an individual who is looking to switch from a completely different industry. In that case, you should display the transferable skills along with related projects and coursework.

Highlighting relevant technical skills

It is important that you tell the hiring manager about your proficiency level in terms of the technical side. Aligning with the job listing is a vital thing that you need to keep in mind. That’s why you need to choose which software & technical skills should be included in your resume. Don’t forget to include the certifications that you have received after completing training in an authentic training platform. It will assist in getting the much-needed creditability that you fit for this job listing.

Achievements & Recognitions

How many awards like a Best technical employee or best target achiever you have won with the previous employer? If you have received any of them, then it should be included in your resume at every cost. It will be a wonderful way for telling your employer that you have made an influential contribution with the previous employer. We suggest you write about all the career highlights as well as special recognition in your resume. On top of that, you can also think about writing the achievements that you have during college and school days. It will put a great impression on the employer showing you were dedicated from young days of your life.

Don’t forget adding soft skills

The majority of professionals don’t take this point seriously and end up avoiding them, but it can cost them in the end. Please keep in mind that soft skills are a vital component for all types of job and that’s why your recruiter will check how proactive you are in this area for sure. It is important to test your ability to work in a team along with checking attitude. So, be sure that you have mentioned about the desired soft skills in your resume so that the hiring manager gets impressed.


Do you know almost 70% of professionals forget proofreading their resume after creating it? They send it without checking their mistakes that create a wrong impression. However, you shouldn’t be one of them and proofread your resume multiple times. There are chances that you have to reframe a sentence to look attractive in front of the recruiter. You can think about showing it to your friends and see what they have to say about it. The reason behind it is that fresh eyes can easily collect mistakes.

What are the important Don’t for creating an exciting Resume?

Now, we will tell you about the major Don’t in a resume so that the employer gets impressed. Our team has mentioned each of them in detail below:

Personal Details

Many people go in-depth about their details that do nothing to impress the recruiter. In many instances, they end up adding things like religion, height, weight, PAN number, and another sort of details like this. However, it is important for you to understand that the main motive behind mailing or sending your resume is to tell the recruiter about your professional skills instead of the personal ones. Furthermore, you are making yourself vulnerable to threats if extended details are available so easily.

Unrelated work experience

For example, you have found out a management related position and think about applying for it. In that case, there won’t be any benefit of adding skills about teaching in your resume. Any experience that doesn’t relate to management will be a waste for the recruiter. No doubt it can be handy in many situations, but adding them in this job won’t do any favor. The thing that we want to suggest you are adding only relevant experience in your resume.

Avoid outdated skills

You need to understand that the outdated skills won’t do any favours for the employer at all. No matter how proficient you are in those skills, it will be a waste for them so they won’t put too much attention towards it. Furthermore, there is a chance that the employer may get frustrated after seeing them when it doesn’t benefit them. Instead of that, you can think about showing some latest job-related courses that can be earned by enrolling in a training course by a well-known institute.

Targeting designs

If you believe that you will succeed in impressing the recruiter by making a better resume design, then you are completely wrong. There is nothing a design could do if you don’t have the required skills for impressing them. You should think about avoiding too much focus on the design and try to add the relevant information in your resume. No doubt the resume should look mice, but spending all time on the design won’t land you on the job.

Grammar & spelling mistakes

Try to make sure that your resume is free from all the errors related to grammar and spellings. You should spend time framing each of the sentences in the resume. One interesting fact that you should know is that more than 50% of the profiles are rejected due to typo or grammar mistakes. Moreover, almost 40% of the recruiters don’t even take the candidate seriously if it has spelling mistakes. So, you should think about checking spelling and proofreading resume multiple times.

Career Objectives

Another common mistake made by the professionals while creating a resume is putting too much focus on the career objective. Instead, you should try to keep it simple and create a one-liner career objective matching your work experience.

Worrying too much about exact dates

No doubt remembering the joining date for each job you have in life is difficult. So, checking out old joining letters will be a completely waste of time. If you ask us, then we can say that mentioning the month & year of each position is enough to tell the recruiter about the previous employment.


If you think from the recruiter’s perspective, you will find that there is lots of investment involved in the hiring process along with time & effort involved in the screening procedure. Just thought how tricky the situation would when some handful of resumes are shortlisted from so many applications. So, it is important that your resume should look unique and capable to impress the recruiters. You should create it in such a way that the employer gets attracted towards it and shortlist it for sure.

Do you know there are less than 7 seconds spent by the recruiter in checking a resume? So, it makes it important that your resume should capture the attention of recruiter immediately.

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