The Best Plan to Crack the PMP Exam in 1st Attempt!

Preparing for PMP certification is not a game. It is because an average of more than 50% of students fails to crack the paper. If you are reading this, you must be looking out for the tricks to ace the PMP exam.

For the preparation of the PMP exams getting a comprehensive guide and review of the PMP requirements are the prime things. There are changes and updates in the examination pattern, so getting an entire pipeline and setting an outline leads to an update in the PMP exam.

If you look in detail, you can find the reason for failure is quite common. Mostly candidates run out of time; this needs to be improved by practice and tricks to cover a maximum number of questions.

There are annual membership plans for the preparation where one learns about the tricks and updates to crack the PMP exam in 1st Attempt. For better preparation and training purposes, project management and education trainers provide the PMP study material as well.

Let us review what PMP certification is in terms of a PwC survey.

  • PMP certified managers handle 75 % of the top-performing projects.
  • Data shows that a team with more than 1/3rd PMP certified managers handle projects well and deliver success.
  • PMP is also the 5th highest certification managers pursue in terms of the pay scale.

You can now understand how brilliant this certification is? All you need is a proper routine and a study guide for robust preparation. The certification course is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is a non-profit organization with an immense reputation and credentials. Adding the certificate from this institute will be a massive boost in your professional career.

The time is changing

The pattern of the exam conducted changes after a regular cycle of 3 to 5 years. Management is a dynamic world where trends and approaches change in due course of time. The foresight of the PMI team includes the changes in the curriculum plan. As it progresses, the changes are taken into consideration. Every aspiring manager should also be aware of these changes. This is why the exam pattern or curriculum transforms into a contemporary format.

How to prepare well when it changes? How is it useful?

The passing rate is 40%, and the exam is quite challenging. You will need a definite plan to pursue the course. It is not a difficult level to pass, but it also depends on your dedication and skills. Concentrate on your skills and find your weaknesses.

The only way to manage is by following the tips mentioned below.

  1. Plan your schedule

When the passing rate is quite dwindling, and the curriculum is challenging, too, you will have to make a schedule and cover the syllabus accordingly. A future manager can only pass the level when he can manage his time properly. In most cases, professionals also choose to appear for this exam. Imagine controlling your time when it is limited, and you have an immense syllabus to cover. All you need is to concentrate on a schedule and work consistently hard. You will have to learn the concepts, practice, and appear for mock tests to get a hold of the curriculum.

  1. Need a proper study guide

An aspirant will need a study guide to arrange a knowledge source to depend on. It is hard to find books and other materials when the course curriculum changes. For this, trusting a popular source online will be ideal. Usually, the aspirants believe in the PMBOK guide, Rita Mulchy, Head First PMP Books and continue studying. Master this guide published by the authority of PMI. You will also find a lot of books in the market, but you need to follow a PMBOK guide to making significant progress first.

  1. Consult other guides and books if you want 

Most of the experts suggest referring to another guide or study material when you want to crack the PMP exam on the first go. It will deliver another perspective that you should consider. On the other hand, you will also find mock questions and test papers in the guide to test your capabilities. You might already know that all the questions in the PMP exam are scenario-based. A scenario will be depicted, and the candidates will have to answer specific questions based on project management.

To make yourself better in aptitude, logical reasoning, and management, you need to refer to another guide book.

  1. Practice a lot

The more you expose to such situation-based questions, the better your conscience will become. On growing an idea of how to solve the problems based on the theoretical explanation, you will find it easier to appear in the exam. For this, you will have to practice a lot and expose your skills to such situations. Come to know about the different categories of questions followed by the authority whole framing the exam paper. Avoid any surprises during an exam that might startle you.

  1. Writing simulated tests

Practicing the questions mentioned in the above point should be accompanied by writing tests as well. It is a vast syllabus to cover and writing your questions will give you an excellent way to learn faster and better. You can include the curriculum quickly and will also grow a habit of writing. The exam is conducted for 4 hours straight. The authority also checks the capabilities of a candidate to sit with perseverance and solve the questions accordingly.

There are 200 questions with different levels of difficulty. It means that an aspirant will need immense patience. On practicing by writing your mock questions will give you the level of patience and other psychological strengths for endurance.

  1. Utilize project management training

The authority of PMI asks you to complete a 35-hours long training to prove your eligibility for the exam. Could you not get it over with? You can use this significant amount of time to build the concepts and imbibe their features. It will help you to understand the syllabus of the PMBOK guide and get ready for an exam properly.

Always choose a registered education provider (REP) approved and evaluated by the authority of PMI so that you can find great use of this training.

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  1. Personalize your strategy

Everyone has his signature lifestyle features. Hence, one cannot rely on the strategy someone else has planned. You need to be original and chalk out your strategy for preparing well.

  1. Connect with stalwart project managers

When you become a member of PMI, you will have the chance to meet stalwart members who are currently working in the industry. Networking with such excellent professionals will be a stepping stone for the aspirants. You can also get useful tips from the seniors and enjoy preparing for the exam.

Time management will be the essence of your preparation for the PMP certification exam. Arrange your study material first, analyze your time, make a schedule, and start preparing. Remember not to take a step back until you have a cracked PMP exam on the first go.

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