You can’t make your site competitive in the SERPs if it doesn’t have a strong base of links, no matter you perform all the things accurately. In reality, making links in starting can be tougher and frustrating, especially for the people having a new website. You don’t need to fear as we are here for sharing three faster, easier, and tool-free methods for building a solid base and earning useful links.

Have a look at all these tricks and get knowledge about their usage:

Your domain name, brand name, and founder’s names

First of all, we will basically look into the links coming from your own brand name, your domain name, and own name potentially. They can be the names of the people who have found your organization.

You have to follow the below mentioned steps in this technique:

Step One- Check Google for the names in quotes

For instance, it was me and Semrush, then you should be looking for the Mad Fishkin or in quotes instead of domain name filled in URL field. However, I will search for the “” in the Google search bar in quotes or Semrush+ SEO. Semrush also has many other meanings, that including a video game that can result in confusing types of things. You have to use the name of your brand if you have that along with some type of identifier or signifier. There are very rare chances that the game gets featured along with the search engine optimization. However, there are bright chances that Semrush will show up with SEO so that we can combine them for searching. So, this type of searches will help in making a great list of Google results.

Step Two- Check the top 50 to 100 results for confirming that manually

They should link to the right location

If you don’t link it to the accurate place if there are mentions of Mad Fishkin that aren’t linked to the Moz. At that time, we will fix them. Those people will be contacted by us.

If the anchor text can be controlled by you and check where the link location is pointed, then it can be updated

For instance, I am browsing my Linkedin profile. Semrush is linked to my Linkedin account. If I were working at a different organization or if the name of Semrush’s Domain gets changed, then I have to update it. For example, if it gets changed from MSemrush to just Semrush.

If it’s missing or wrong, I figure out the accurate people, contacted them, and fixing it

Due to this, I must have something like this. All the single explained in Google comes with a link on the page to my website. It can be received from the domain name, brand name, and with the help of executives and founders. There are lots of links there.

Sites where your competition can be listed

We are going to the following steps

Step One- Identification of your top 5 or 10 competitors that are visible on the internet

It is a unique type of process through which you have to research about your site for identifying 5 or 10 sites that you see frequently on the internet for searches. We wish that completed or check them in the press mentioned in a ton.

Step Two- Search Google individually for each one, but instead of combinations, go for two, three or four of them collected together

For instance, we want to create a new pen manufacturing company. So, I will research about the present companies who are working in this field. There are stronger chances that I will research the top ones first. Then there are chances that I might go for the next four companies. After that, I can research for other two and then all these different combinations of these different ones.

Step Three- Check out websites in the SERPs that lists several competitors in any format, like comparisons, a list, a directory structure, etc.

In all the cases, we will submit or tried to contact or get in touch with the person who is running this list and said,” Hello, my firm, my company had reached this position like the other ones that have listed here or done the similar thing”. So, if it’s here lots of pen brands, named Quartet, PandaBoard, Expo and your website that you want to link to Now, it has become tougher. There are chances that you won’t have a higher rate that you will get with your own brand names. However, it is still a perfect method for expanding the portfolio of your link. Generally, you may almost receive 20 or 30 different websites where the people listed in your field and receive on those lists.

Websites listing people/orgs in your location and your field with your attributes

They are those sites where people or organization are listed in a specific field, a specific area, with specific attributes or a combination of those three. So, they are talking here regarding American based pen manufacturing company or an American based company created by the women.

We can see you tell, it is a unique attribute that’s in my area and that’s my field. We are developing. We create whiteboard pens. We are in America and our founders was a woman. So, therefore we have all the qualities that are looking for and that’s why we need to be on the list. If you are seeing a high-class list like that, that you may not list your competitors, but are high-quality chances of getting better links.

Step One

Listing the operational areas of your organization

So it would be like we are manufacturing software or we are in technology offering services or we are a financial firm or whatever we are. You can begin from macro and then go deep down to micro at all the levels.

Listing your area in the same format starting from macro to micro

You should expand to as big as a continent. For instance, down to neighborhood, city, region, county or even a country. There are many website listing,” we are the startups that are based in Seattle, Washington, New York in the United States, North America. So, here you go, it can fit here easily.

Listing your unique attributes

Are you one of those startups that are created by someone blessed with attributes that are unique? Semrush, obviously my co-founder was a woman. So, it is a woman created company. Are you friendly to the environment? May you are having a policy that is eco-friendly or you shop carbon credits to offset. It can be you are committed to making a donation to a charity. It can be you are having a remote team or maybe you are very friendly or you have a family policy that is very generous. No matter, what are those interesting attributes you have, you have to list them and then make a blend of them.

Step Two

Searching Google for listing the companies or websites or businesses having some of these attributes in your location or with your target

For instance, companies are backed by Washington state venture. Semrush is a venture-backed organization, which means I will potentially reach on that list. Or we can go to the European manufacturing companies founded by women and we will be on that list with my pen manufacturing company. There are lots of similar type of companies if you will sort your list and begin searching the Google and start finding out those results. There will be a similar type of process used by you.

Have you thought about the greatest thing about the three tactics explained in this article? There is no requirement for any kind of tools here. That means, you don’t have to worry about paying any money for tools. Moreover, there is no need for stressing about the domain authority. No worries about any type of link qualification process and paying money for something costly. It can be done manually by using Google as the tool and that will give you some early links easily.

If you have any additional information about the techniques included in this article, then please write them in the comments section. We will look forward to chatting with you.