The misalignment between sales and marketing has been widely experienced all over the world. More than 1.5 million Google search results are the proof of this fact. According to the report of the Hubspot, this type of misalignment can cost more than 10% revenue to your business every year as compared to the 208% more revenue generated by the sales and marketing on the same page.

There are lots of articles written regarding aligning the goals of the teams, sitting down close and meeting in a more frequent fashion. However, these tips aren’t adequate to eliminate the misalignment. It won’t be cut out by the platitudes as you have to identify the biggest reasons for the conflicts and then eliminate them.

As per our experience, the majority of the frequent tension results from the daily go to market technique: How good are the details of the organization, which person is the good in target account and how perfect the inbound leads are.

It is possible that the main root of these questions doesn’t become capable to solve all the conflicts of the sales marketing, but it can help in closing an increasing number of deals.

Check out the three tips that can assist you in figuring out the main causes of tension and addressing them:

Kicking out the bad data from your whole go-to-market motion

It is the extremely easier thing to say the sales and marketing gap has nothing to do, but just a disagreement with the personalities. It is a fact that the majority of the people came to work daily with a desire to give their best without annoying their colleagues. There are much more chances that the tension can be another symptom of larger issues in B2B: bad data.

All the people work in a B2B company for longer than three months understand that there can be a need for little patchwork with the chewing gum and duct tape.

One of the vendors offer techno graphics, whereas the other one will provide firmographics, another organization gives sales intelligence, and yet other offer contacts.

Meanwhile, your team uses their brain to developing these different sources come together in a more useful manner.

According to the Salesforce, it is one of the common problems that even high performing teams face due to leveraging data from different sources.

The main thing that sits around the misalignment is the bad data and the uncertainty. Distrust is breed by it that makes it difficult to set the strategy and it develops delays.

In order to deal with the bad data, there are lots of teams that turn to the sales and marketing services that are powered by AI. Data science is applied by the data platforms to the organization data. Moreover, the multiple sources are synthesized by it in an automatic manner for making sure the completeness and quality of the data. Also, there will be millions of Al-derived signals and insights for incredible in-depth profiles of each organization you care about your addressable industry.

There will be lots of burdens taken off from your team for time-consuming works, such as company research and prospecting by having access to a superior database of rich organization profiles.

There has been a reduction of 2 hours in research time reps waste witnessed prior to every call if the sales team has access to the ideal database. If there is a credible insight on the present sales intelligence about the accounts and their decision makers directly in the CRM, then reps become more relevant and got personalized reach in a short span of time.

Using data for identifying who is a good target

Presently, over 50% of all the B2B teams struggle for identification and describing their perfect target as per the Dun & Bradstreet.

The decisions aren’t made too early due to a consensus between the teams, but because of the time running out.

Also, there are chances that lots of time has been lost due to data sourcing and synthesis across several sources due to which there isn’t enough time for data-driven decision making.

If there is an inadequate understanding regarding your ideal customer profile, then there are strong chances that daily conflicts will be generated between the marketing and sales teams.

The dynamic of a self-service AI platform for sales and marketing can be used by following:

Developing new audience models in a short span of time

The teams require freedom for iterating and discovering all of the possible ideal profiles presently hidden inside and outside of the funnel. There are chances that important time will be lost if they have to wait for months to have newly built models.

Instant access to every target account

It is very crucial to have consensus on your strategy as well as it should be instantly actionable. This way there will be no time lost because the execution of different tactics of each time can start straight away.

Removing the costly and tedious work of data sourcing and synthesis

The sales and marketing teams will be allowed to target on creating strategy together instead of wasting time that makes disparate sources of data to work in a collective way.

These AI platforms can be utilized for enriching and scoring inbound leads and resolving all the issues near their relative quality with the help of consensus around the perfect customer profile. There can be an agreement between the team members to agree upon the right levels of sales engagement and response time on the basis of the fit score of inbound lead that can be reported as well as optimized according to the requirement throughout the year.

Building agility into your go to market action

All the teams face a situation where the inbound leads come with an unexpected source or new industry and show interest in their product or service.

When it actually happens, you will look to rapidly take the benefits of this condition with both the outbound calling tactics as well as demand generation.

The following process can be done to go through this:

  • First of all, you have to identify your new total addressable market with an in-depth insight regarding all the companies in your B2B sales platform.
  • Expand your account on the basis of sales efforts by identifying the organizations in this new industry who are the ideal fittest.
  • Modify your range by updating sources, keywords, multiple locations and other criteria constantly outside the normal firmographics.

You have to do self-service access to the exciting, credible and brief insight of customer profiles and powerful AI along with your main strategy for remaining agile. It will assist you in identifying the ideal accounts on the basis of a limited number of organizations and selected keywords.

There is no doubt that sales and marketing teams will always look at the world in a different way, but go to market leaders who address these gaps in a proactive manner have to go along the path towards achieving alignment.