As they say, change is the only thing constant, and this is the major reason why even in the professional sector, people are not afraid of modifying things a bit just to give a better educational opportunity to the students. Keeping this in mind, In June, The Project Management Institute (PMI) announced the relevant change to the certification exam for Project Management Professional (PMP Exam). The stakeholders started sharing feedback instantly, and according to consensus, they feel the need for more time to get prepared for this.

We are well-aware of the fact that the profession of project management is developing just like we are in the form of an association. Keeping this in mind, the PMP exam will get updated in December 2019 for ensuring the fact that it reflects upgraded practices. Last day for the candidates to take the exam’s current version is now June 30, 2020. Beginning from July 1, 2020, the PMP exam will reflect new examination content.

We present you all the much-needed information and facts so that students do not feel like a deer caught in the headlights and can prepare for the exam as effectively as possible.

Are the changes needed?

The first and foremost question that occurs in everyone’s minds is – why to change? Well, the examination is changing as our role as project managers have also changed. In every 4-5 years, PMI organizes research for understanding how this profession has advanced, the impact of the emerging trends, and how a project manager’s responsibilities have changed. This research’s last round was coordinated in 2015 that resulted in the latest PMP examination content outline.

As Project management continues to evolve with time, experts realize the need for revamping the exam pattern as well. The subject matter professionals from topnotch organizations across the world have also worked with PMI for defining the future’s PMP. Result of this research was the new exam content outline publication of PMP in June 2019, and a year later, this will lead to an upgraded PMP examination.

What exactly are these changes?

As a lot of students out there might be worrying about the recent changes, we help you in gaining a better insight about the same. The publication of a new Project Management Professional exam content took place on 30 June 2019. This document describes the PMP exam’s content/syllabus. It means that right now, PMI is updating the PMP exam for matching the brand new syllabus and new examination will take place on 1 July 2020.

Please note that in contrast to what a lot of trainers and students may think, this examination is not based on PMBOK Guide (A Guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge). This guide is only one of those various references used by PMI for designing their PMP examination questions. Rather, the examination is based upon The PMP Examination Content Outline. This outline’s new version was published in June 2019, and The Project Management Institute will use it as a basis for updating the exam.

In addition to this, for giving training providers across the world enough time to upgrade their examination prep courses, simulators, and books, PMI is waiting an entire year until new examination specifications from examination content outline come into effect. Thereby, students get enough time to prepare and pass the examination before the changes occur.

The existent PMP examination is based upon 5 performance zones; however beginning from 1 July 2020 this exam will be based upon 3 zones. Description of these domains is given in ECO i.e., PMP Examination Content Outline.

Confused when we say the change in zones? Don’t be as this is what we mean:

  • The new outline is the ‘radical’ however highly valuable departure from all former examination content outlines
  • The PMI published new examination content outline on 30 June 2019.
  • New PMP exam will need candidates for having experience in as well as answering queries from 3 domains –
    1. Process (50%)
    2. People (42%)
    3. Business Environment (8%)
  • This is also clearly stated by PMI that approximately half of the exam will showcase predictive approaches for project management, and its other half will present a hybrid of agile approaches.
  • Within every 1 of these 3 domains, the examination content outline lists Enablers (actions we take for completing the tasks) and Tasks (what we as a project manager do).

Take care of the below-mentioned things and go for your PMP exam with sheer confidence and a smile on your face:

  • Pay promptly for your examination. You can schedule the exam only after the payment procedure is completed.
  • Schedule your examination early. It will permit you for selecting the location and date that will work perfectly with the schedule. Majority of people prefers to reserve the examination date 3 months beforehand.
  • Permit yourself ample time. Make it a point that you are capable of following PMP timeline –
    1. Once someone opens the application, he/she has 90 days to completing and submitting the same.
    2. A student has 1 year from the date of his/her application approval for passing the examination. At times, multiple attempts are vital for making sure to leave adequate time to re-take the examination before his/her eligibility gets expired (1 year after your application’s approval).

A majority of people might be wondering about its consequences, are you? If yes, then have a look:

  • The latest PMP Examination is bigger – Our observation of the modifications represents that approximately 70% of the existent exam is now constituted with the second domain i.e., Process and that the remaining ones, Business Environment, and People, has great new content.
  • The upgraded examination will be tougher – With plenty of new methods and topics which have been added to the examination and which you need to know about, there is no surprise that passing this examination will be a lot tougher.
  • Agile is significant – Half of the questions on this new examination will be related to hybrid and agile approaches. Hence you should have both experience and knowledge of what it seems like to work in these situations.
  • 35 contact hours are the minimum – PMI needs you to “at least verify 35 contact hours of particular instruction that addressed the learning goals in the project management”. But, now that this examination has almost twice as much content you must expect that a thorough exam preparation course will be relevantly longer.

As 30 June 2020 is the last day for taking the exam’s latest version and preparing for this exam takes about 8-12 weeks, what are you waiting for? Take out your study material and start preparing for the same. It will also help in keeping the project managers equipped with the skills and knowledge they require for succeeding in today’s environment of the modern project.

All The Best From PreparationInfo!

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