Over the past years, the use of mobile phones is increasing by the consumers. It has affected the working style of many different industries, including the individuals in Business Intelligence.

According to the Research Vice President of Gartner Carolina Milanesi, the reason for the popularity of the mobile is due to the desire of the consumers to have access to the computing through they can consume and develop content easily. In addition, it should share and give access to the content from a range of portfolio of products. Mobility is key in both emerging as well as mature markets.

In this article, we will talk about the mobile trends that appearing in the market nowadays:

What is the demand of Mobile BI users?

According to the reports of Computer Weekly, the mobile BI has developed like mobile email as it is a cross-functional business app. Moreover, Joao Tapadinhas who is a research director at Gartner states that mobile BI is the most well-known application after email.

However, the high-scale BI apps, like Cognos, Kalido, and SAS are constantly static. If we look into the majority of historical data and counting on trained analysts for using it to the greatest impact. Due to this, the companies are looking for a flexible and simpler form of BI.

There is more interactivity demanded by the Mobile BI users from the application so that they can navigate via analytics at a higher level. If there will be a limit on sending email and text alerts, then it is not much more sophisticated than a well-written text message or email.

Who uses Mobile BI?

According to Tapadinhas, Garter is looking for an increased number of CFOs and CEOs as the direct users of BI. However, the employees will get more advantages from it on a daily basis. It helps in shifting the base from a high-quality group of users that takes hours or even weeks. The mobile access makes it easier to make a right decision.

The appeal for line managers, executives, and operations managers are increasing. It is the main reason that they are looking to self-serve directly instead of waiting for days or weeks for customizing need to be created for a report that can be created.

The managers are allowed by Mobile BI for looking at the updated data and then creating decisions instantly, like allocating personnel and other resources to deal with several workloads. It is quite beneficial for tasks based on the mobile workforces, like sales, field service, and distribution.

One of the most interesting uses of mobile BI is the technique used by the Devon and Cornwall for revealing the crime hotspots and assigning officers according to that. The data can be captured by the officers on their device and then sending it back to HQ for offering a much more perfect than written reports and radios.

What are the obstacles to the Mobile BI Adoption?

As per the Howard Dresner who is the Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services LLC, the main barriers to launch mobile BI that is explained in detail below:


There is always a fear in the organizations about the security of their data. However, there are many different ways of dealing with this issue. The loss control programs can be implemented by utilizing the power of mobile device management or even applying a policy like allowing the data or applications to download in the device.


The companies believe that they have to purchase a new tablet to all their employers, even though they can use the devices that they already use.


Companies believe that there is a need for lots of planning for creating an infrastructure. Furthermore, it is very costly to apply. However, the benefits can outweigh the costs in the long run.

According to Dresner, it’s inessential for the IT departments of the organizations to develop their own mobile applications as the majority of vendors have a mobile offering. He gives advice to the individuals who are thinking about mobile BI adoption to speak with the present vendor and checking if the things matching their requirements.

There is a need for ensuring that the app should be responsive as you require immediacy and it should offer you the details required instead of the whole dashboard. It is due to the reason that there is no time for exploring the design.