There is a tremendous rise witnessed by the consultancy industry in the past decade throughout the globe with yearly revenues passing $10 billion has been surpassed by some of the reputed and high-level organizations. In order to support different types of businesses that range of government projects involving gas, oil & other renewables to smaller companies that help with the business certifications and management, like ISO 9001 and lots of other standards, the smaller organizations have sprung up on a regular basis. We can simply say that the consultancy market has never seen such a buoyant. It is founded by the end user that there are very different kinds of approach and service delivery used by the different consultancies, which is the case with the majority of business sectors.

So, it is widely known that the consistency of product/service and satisfying customers is targeted by the ISO 9001:2015, the real question is whether ISO 9001: 2015 implementation can be utilized for bringing tangible advantages to a consultancy organization?

How can a consultancy take benefits from ISO 9001?

Generally, consultancies consist of many different groups of people related to the same kind of skillsets and backgrounds who work in lots of different manners to fulfill a common objective. Moreover, there is a fee paid to the recruitment consultants who don’t have that kind of skill sets, backgrounds, and experience during the recruiting process so that consultancy services can be offered for wider and different projects. It proves that it doesn’t matter how accurately consultancy service delivery project is planned by the company, there are chances of uniqueness between the approach and interactions with the customer and therefore, the final results. So, the real question is that how a consultancy will get an assist with the implementation of the ISO: 9001 standards in this scenario? Let us consider following things:


If the top management and the organizational leader show up the proper commitment, then the consistency of delivery can be assured. Furthermore, it motivates the staff and help in adhering the achievement of the planned goals with the formalized and agreed procedure. The reliable delivery can be manifested itself by the consistency in behavior and make sure that the trusted ways are utilized by the company.


One of the main skills needed by the consultants is to address the risk and opportunity. Moreover, this skill is mostly demanded by the clients who want to either minimize the risk in the business or looking to expand their reach with the help of exploitation and identification of opportunity. The performance and reputation of a consultancy can be improved by sharpening the understanding or methodologies of risk and opportunities.

Competence, awareness and documented details

The planning part of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard consists of these components and pays specific attention to this part that means tangible rewards for a consultancy organization. Make sure that your consultants are correctly trained and come to offer the stated goals is the critical business and demonstrating your preferred delivery ways like documented details that can assist in clarifying methods for both consultants as well as clients.

Customer Feedback

According to our experience, the important component of the ISO 9001: 2015 represent by the consultancy organizations that can be improved. Generally, the projects in the consultancy industry take up many forms, set results or projects or sometimes looking to maximize turnover or even some of the stakeholder relationships. The client views about the success rate of consultancy service can be different. In such circumstances, the principles of ISO 9001 can be used for soliciting and acting against the formal customer feedback that can be a huge boost for improvements in the future, maximizing client relationships and importantly repeating business.

Management review, measuring, and monitoring

Some of the above components are tied together by these important functions. Some of the major activities like setting the agreed goals, measure the results, analyze the feedback of the customer and check out the number of repeated business offer the strategic chance to the consultancy for growing and flourishing and making sure that the strategic path of the company remains constant and identified.

Making sure ISO 9001: 2015 works for you

Establishment of a Quality Management System and applying the principles of ISO 9001: 2015 can offer lots of advantages to a consultancy organization as mentioned above. It is pretty important that you should never forget that a business tool is a standard and creative staff can utilize that for extracting maximum advantages from the parts of their business that looks to not perform well during the procedure to complete the necessary clauses of the standard itself. In addition to that, the cycle displaying Plan, Do Check, Act can be utilized for maximizing the business of any consultancy. Furthermore, there can be huge benefits enjoyed with the strong project management. However, the consultancy organizations who are looking to deliver extra consistent results and offer increased customer satisfaction, there are lots of tangible advantages. The majority of other industries takes years for their benefit. You will see lots of consistency in your delivery, clearing goals and improving your performance by applying ISO 9001: 2015 for delivering customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it will offer better financial results and customers will be repeated, which is incredible for every business.