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What will you get from this Scrum Certification Prep program?

  • Understand what exactly is scrum and why it is pretty important while completing even the most difficult projects within the deadline.
  • Your confidence will be increased while giving the Scrum Open Assessment so that you get the Scrum certification
  • Understand the techniques for getting a scrum certification without any need to pay higher amount of dollars
  • Complete explanation about the scrum practices
  • Learn about the tactics that are needed for delivering all the projects within deadline.
  • Complete explanation about the difference between scrum and agile
  • Understand the definition of the Agile and how it is different from the Scrum
  • Complete information about the waterfall model and why its flexibility is less than the Agile
  • Detailed information about the differences between the roles, artifacts, and events
  • Full explanation about what is updated in the 2013 scrum guide

Program Requirements

You don’t need any kind of pre-requisites for completing this course as all the things will be explained from the scratch.

Scrum Certification Prep Program Details

This course will allow saving thousands of dollars that you usually spend on the scrum training and scrum certification. Our program has helped lots of people to achieve the success in their career.

Have a look at the main reasons to join this Scrum Certification Prep course mentioned below. We can guarantee that you will not have any second thoughts after reading these reasons.

Complete, confident, and detailed details about the scrum
The main mission of the creators of this course is to teach the students about the scrum in an accurate way. After completing this program, you will be pretty confident and successfully pass the exam.
Increased confidence that will help in getting scrum certification
This program will teach you about all the things that are required to attain confidence in completing the exam. Furthermore, the tutor will guide you to become certified online without any need to go to a classroom or spending thousands of dollars. We will give you a complete Scrum open assessment so that you can practice prior to getting final certification.
24X7 Support
If you have any query or question regarding the program, then email us. All your questions will be answered by us.
This program also consists of narration from the Ted R. Brown

What exactly scrum is?

Agile Scrum is a superior way to manage and complete all the difficult and complex projects in the offices. According to our expertise, it is the simplest method on why the projects can be delivered within the time.

Who can enjoy benefits from this Scrum Certification Prep program?

It doesn’t matter, you are a team member or a scrum master, this program can help all the people. It is a perfect program for the individuals for the people who are looking to understand completely about the scrum. This course is made for people who want to prepare for a scrum master certification or other related courses.

What will you learn from this program?

Check out the main things that you can learn from this course:

Complete details about the Scrum

We will tell you about the accurate events, artifacts, and rules that are required for completing a project by utilizing scrum and its history. It consists of lots of lectures that include the fundamentals of The Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning, Sprint Retrospective, Scrum Artefacts, Sprint Review and much other stuff.

Facts on the basis of Scrum Guide

You will get information about the accurate terminology ad utilization of the Scrum that is performed to mastering it. In simple words, we can say that the scrum guide is the rule book that you should follow at any cost.

Scrum Certification Preparation

A brief about the frequently asked questions and the points that people misunderstood about the scrum. You will get complete material about the past open assessment exams.

Scrum Certification

This course will tell you about the ways to be ready for the scrum certification. In addition, you will be able to do this by paying much lesser fees.
All the material of this course is based on the videos without any supporting documents. We will help you in a best possible manner.

What is the structure of this Scrum Certification Prep program?

Every section of this course consists a brief information about the particular characteristics of Scrum, such as artifacts, events, scrum roles, etc. It is followed by the summary of main exam points and the common mistakes that people have while giving this exam. All the content of this course is based on the scrum guide that will help to learn about the facts.
The program is inspired by the Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber.

Who is the targeted audience for Scrum Certification Prep?

  • Expert individuals who are looking for a faster and concise refresher about the scrum
  • All the candidates who want to be scrum certified
  • Individuals who want to know the complete details about the scrum as they will get the entire facts in this course.
  • A candidate who wants to know about the common misunderstood points while giving scrum exam.

Welcome to Scrum Power - Foundation in Scrum and Certification Preparation
DOWNLOAD: The Scrum Guide.
Learning Objectives: The World Before Agile and Scrum
The Waterfall Model
The Birth of Agile
Learning Objectives: Introduction to Scrum
Scrum Theory and Scrum Skeleton
Scrum Values
Coaching & Exam Prep: Intro to Scrum Theory
Coaching & Exam Prep: Empirical Process Control Theory
Coaching & Exam Prep: The Importance of Scrum Events
Scrum Theory - Quick Quiz
Summary - Scrum Theory
Learning Objectives: Scrum Team Roles
Scrum Team Roles
Coaching & Exam Prep: The Scrum Team
Coaching & Exam Prep: The Increment
Coaching & Exam Prep: The Product Owner
Coaching & Exam Prep: The Development Team
Coaching & Exam Prep: The Scrum Master
Team Roles - Quick Quiz
Summary - Scrum Team Roles
Learning Objectives: Scrum Events
Scrum Events (Timeboxes)
Coaching & Exam Prep: About Scrum Events
Coaching & Exam Prep: Compulsory Events
Coaching & Exam Prep: Sprint Planning
Coaching & Exam Prep: The Daily Scrum
Coaching & Exam Prep: The Sprint Review & Sprint Retrospective
Scrum Events - Quick Quiz
Summary - Scrum Events
Learning Objectives: Scrum Artifacts
Scrum Artifacts
Coaching & Exam Prep: Artifacts Introduction
Coaching & Exam Prep: Product Backlog Refinement
Coaching & Exam Prep: Prioritising the Backlog
Coaching & Exam Prep: The Sprint Backlog
Summary - Scrum Artifacts
Coaching & Exam Prep: Artifact Transparency
Coaching & Exam Prep: Definition of Done
Coaching & Exam Prep: Definition of Done for Multiple Teams
Scrum Artifacts - Quick Quiz
Summary - Artifact Transparency
Learning Objectives: Scaling Scrum
Introduction to Scrum of Scrums - from eBook Scrum Mega Pack
Scaling Scrum - Quick Quiz
Sprint Planning Pt 1 - from the course Scrum Step by Step with Examples
Sprint Planning Pt 2 - from the course Scrum Step by Step with Examples
Case Study: Stand Up vs Sprint review - from course Scrum Master Case Studies
Learning Objectives: Final Words
Final Words and Summary
How to get Scrum Certified?
How to get Certified at (including Professional Scrum Master PSM 1)
Open Assessment and Certification
FEEDBACK: Reviews and Discussion
How do teams write subtasks
Kicking off a Project - from Audiobook "The Power of Scrum in thew real world"
Sprint Planning - from Audiobook "The Power of Scrum in thew real world"
How Scrum Works Presentation
Why Scrum Roles Work - from ebook "Scrum Mega Pack" (google it)
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Enrolled: 56 students
Duration: 8 Weeks
Lectures: 62
Video: 32 Hours


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