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What will you learn from this Learning Path: Modern DevOps course?

  • You will attain some wonderful skills that can allow you to add resilient services to the interface of your app with the help of continuous deployment, configuration management, and many similar DevOps techniques.
  • Employing the beneficial features of Git for optimization the workflow of your app.
  • Exploring chances through Docker for achieving faster application deployment, scalability, portability, and reliability across different type of clouds and machines.
  • Configuring and deploying puppet and learning advance methods in a medium in a bigger company.

Course Requirements

  • There is no specific type of requirement for signing up for this course. However, previous experience in the system administration will give an additional advantage.

Learning Path: Modern DevOps Course Details

Do you want to become more effective and efficient while dealing with the daily challenges of IT infrastructure, then you should utilize the advantages of the DevOps revolution!!

The Video Learning Paths offered by the Packt is a set of individual videos put together in a relevant and logical manner so that the students can learn easily from it. You will find all the content in a step by step way that allows you to understand the content easily.

This course views the software development in a truly new way that allows automation and building configuration for the infrastructure servers and then addressing different areas, such as continuous deployment, automation, monitoring, and containers. If we talk about the modern DevOps world, then Git, Puppet, and Docker are the major tools.

This Learning Path talks in-depth about the DevOps with the mastering section that has already helped thousands of people. After that, we will start from the bottom about the version control with the help of Git mentioned in the section of Learning Git. Furthermore, we will tell talk about the mastering containerization by utilizing the Docker in the Mastering Docker section. At last, we will talk about the techniques about the ways to leverage Puppet for easing configuration management in the present IT infrastructure.

Our team has created this course while considering the needs of modern DevOps engineers to utilize resources in an adequate way.

The Learning Path: Modern DevOps course is created by some of the best professionals in this industry. Now, we will give you complete information about the instructors of this wonderful course.

Dave Mangot

Dave Mangot is a trained systems engineer who has experience of more than 20 years. Working as the director of operations for Papertail and Librato. He is the brain behind transforming many companies in both the operational maturity as well as deeper adherence about the DevOps thinking.

Sam Slotsky

Presently working in the Ackmann & Dickenson, Sam Slotsky is an accomplished software engineer and saxophonist. He specializes in back-end databases, JavaScript, and web applications.

Thomas Uphill

Thomas is using Puppet for a long time now. Till now, he has presented those tutorials at the PuppetConf and LOPSA-East, Canada. In addition, Thomas has been working as a system administrator for more than 20 years with the RedHat Systems. Also, he is running the Puppet User Group located in Seattle, Washington.

Shrikrishna Holla

Shrikrishna Holla is a well-known stack developer and entrepreneur who is presently working in Bengaluru. Holla is building and maintaining Sigalrm, which is a service that offers actionable alerts and allows the engineers to take instant remedial measures.

Who is the target audience of Learning Path: Modern DevOps course?

This course is created for the developers, IT professionals, and system administrators who want to utilize the DevOps techniques and practices for managing IT infrastructures.

Also, the person who wants to attain the skills required to work in a DevOps team should sign up for this course.

Moreover, there is no need for any past knowledge of Git. However, a basic idea about the Docker will be better. This course is created by assuming intermediate knowledge about the Puppet!!

Course details
Duration 72 Hours
Lectures 109


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