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What will you learn from this Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course?

  • More than 120 videos that include complete detail about the computer security and ethical hacking.
  • Complete knowledge about the definition of hacking, ethical hacking and various kinds of hackers
  • Full learning about various fields of the ethical hacking
  • Installing Kali Linux, which is known as a popular penetration testing operating system
  • Installing Windows and other vulnerable operating systems as virtual machines for the purpose of testing
  • Complete learning about the basics of Linux
  • Full knowledge about the Linux commands and how to have interaction with the terminal
  • Adequate learning about the Network Penetration Testing
  • Information about the basics of networking and how these devices interact in a network
  • Various practical attacks, which can be utilized without having any information about the key to the major network
  • Controlling connection of the clients around the people without any information regarding password
  • Making a duplicate Wi-Fi network with the help of spy and internet connections with the clients
  • Gathering complete detail regarding clients and networks, like opened ports, OS, etc.
  • Cracking WPA/ WPA2? WEP encryption by utilizing a great range of ways.
  • ARP Poisoning/ ARP Spoofing
  • Launching different Man in the Middle attacks
  • Discovering installing services, open ports, and vulnerabilities in the company’s systems
  • Getting access to all the accounts accessed by the clients in your network
  • Sniffing packets from the customers and then demonstrate them for extracting important details, like cookies, videos, images, passwords, etc.
  • Getting control over all the computer systems by utilizing the side attacks of the server
  • Exploring buffer overflows and execution of the code vulnerabilities for attaining control over the systems.
  • Receiving control on the computer systems with the help of client side attacks
  • Attaining control over the computer systems by utilizing fake updates
  • Getting authorization over the computer systems by using the power of backdooring downloads available on the fly
  • Making undetectable backdoors
  • Backdooring basic programs
  • Backdooring different types of files, including PDFs, pictures, etc.
  • Collecting important details of the people, such as social media accounts, emails, friends, emails, etc.
  • Utilization of the social media for attaining complete control over the targeted systems
  • Sending emails from all the email accounts without having any information about that account’s password
  • Reading, downloading, uploading and executing different types of files on the compromised systems
  • Capturing major strikes taking place on a compromised system
  • Utilizing a compromised computer as a way to attaining access to all other computers having the same network
  • Complete understanding of the working of websites and web applications
  • Full information about communication method of browsers with the websites
  • Gathering important details regarding websites
  • Discovering technologies, servers, and services utilized on the targeted website
  • Figuring out emails and important data that are associated with a particular website
  • Finding every subdomain having association with a site
  • Finding out unpublished files and directories that are associated with the targeted website
  • Finding every website that is hosted on the same server as the target website
  • Gaining complete control over the targeted website and exploiting file upload vulnerabilities
  • Discovering, exploring, and fixing vulnerabilities about the code execution
  • Discovering, fixing, and exploiting vulnerabilities regarding local file inclusion
  • Discovering, exploiting, and fixing vulnerabilities of SQL injections
  • Bypassing login and its forms as admin by utilizing SQL injections
  • Complete learning about the way to write queries in SQL for finding tables, sensitive details, and databases, like usernames and passwords by utilizing SQL injections
  • Reading and writing files to the server with the help of SQL injections
  • Learning the accurate method for writing SQL queries so that SQL injections can be prevented
  • Discovering the stored XSS and reflected vulnerabilities
  • Fixing XSS vulnerabilities and getting protection as a user

Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch Course Requirements

  • The students should have some basic skills about the IT industry
  • They should have access to the wireless adapter for the section of the Wi-Fi section. We strongly recommend you should buy TP-Link TL-WN722n v1 and ALFA AWUS036NHA

Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch Course Description

First of all, we want to welcome you to this advanced and comprehensive course about the ethical hacking. It is the perfect for the people who are complete beginners and have zero knowledge regarding hacking or penetrating testing. At the start of the course, you will get a chance to learn about some basic details regarding ethical hacking and the various fields of penetration testing.

The main target of this Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course is on the practical way of penetration testing without any need to neglect the theory for all the attacks. Prior to teaching about the penetration testing, you have to learn about the techniques for setting up a lab and installing the required software to penetration testing so that you can practice your own machine. Each of the attacks that you will learn in this course is launched against the practical devices in the instructor’s lab.

The Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course is divided in a precise manner that will allow the students to learn the basics of computer networks and system. Furthermore, you will learn about the techniques through which devices can have communication with each other. The course will begin by talking regarding the method by which exploits these systems for carrying out a great range of powerful attacks. This extensive Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch course will take you through the beginner and ends up at an advanced level. In simple words, we can say that you will attain proper knowledge regarding major penetrating testing fields after finishing the course.

The Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course is divided into four main sections that are mentioned below:

  1. Network Penetration Testing

In this section, the instructor will teach the students about the methods for testing the security of networks, both wireless as well as wired. At the start, they will learn about the working of networks, the terminology of basic network and how the communication between the devices takes place. Further content is divided into three sub-sections


The majority of people have a computer along with a wireless card, but they still don’t have much information about the penetration testing. In this section, we will allow you to learn about the techniques for gathering details regarding the computers and networks in your nearby environment and launching a great range of attacks without knowing the password, like controlling all the sections near you.

In addition, the instructor will teach you about the technique for making a fake access point and then attracts the users for connecting to them and capturing all the important details entered by it.

Attaining Access

In this section, you will collect details regarding the networks near you so that they can be found. Furthermore, you will learn about the techniques for cracking the key and attaining access to the targeted network. The main purpose of this sub-section is to teach the students about the various methods for cracking WPA/ WPA/ WEP encryption.

Posting connection

In the previous sections, we have explained the key to the target network and the method to have a connection with it. Now, we will explain about a range of strong attacks launched against the network and the clients connected with it. Also, the students will gain access to these attacks to all the accounts accessed by the devices having a connection with your network. It will also allow you to check out all the traffic utilized by the devices.

  1. Gaining Access

The instructor will explain about two major approaches in this section so that you can attain control over any computer system:

Server-side attacks

This part of the course will tell you about the way to gain complete access to computer systems without any requirement for user interaction. In addition, you will be allowed to learn the technique for gathering details regarding a target computer system like its open ports, operating system, and installed services. You will also learn the techniques for discovering vulnerabilities and weakness.

Moreover, the students will know how to exploit these issues for attaining full control over the target. At last, we will explain you about the way to generate various types of reports for your discoveries.

Client Side Attacks

The only method to get access to the weaknesses in a target system is to have interaction with the user. You will learn about the way to launch a range of strong attacks in this approach for fooling the target user and allow them to install a backdoor on their device. It can be performed by making fake updates and backdooring the downloaded files or serving them to the user.

In addition, the instructor will also teach how to collect details regarding the target person and utilizing social engineering for delivering a backdoor as an image or any other type of file.

  1. Post Exploration

Here, you will get a chance to learn about the way to have interaction with the systems in this section for which you are comprising for a long time. You will also learn about the method for accessing the file system, maintaining your access, and focusing on the target and using the computer as a way for hacking the computer systems.

  1. Web Application Penetration Testing

This section is created for teaching the students about the way websites work. Furthermore, you will tell you the exact method to collect details regarding your target website, like server location, website owner, used technologies, and much more. In addition, you will get to know the method for discovering and exploiting lots of dangerous vulnerabilities, like XSS vulnerabilities, SQL injections, etc.

After finishing every section, you will be able to know about the method for detecting, securing, and preventing your computer system. You will also learn to prevent yourself from these attacks.

Every attack explained in this course are practical that can destroy any computer device. It means, it can attack any device, no matter is a tablet or a laptop. We have explained all the attacks in an exciting manner. We will tell you about the theory behind all these attacks and then give you brief information about the method for carrying out the attacks by utilizing Kali Linux.

Please note: The main motive of this Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course is to provide education only and every attack explained in it are launched in the lab of instructor or against devices that he is permitted to test.

Who is the target audience of Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course?

  • All the individuals who have a deep interest in learning penetration testing and ethical hacking.
  • All the people who are seeking a way to provide protection to their systems from the hackers
  • Every individual who is looking to learn the method hackers can attack their systems.
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