Investment Banking Course

What will you learn from this The Complete Investment Banking Course?

  • Gain confidence and ability to start an investment banking or private equity career
  • Capability to pass the investment banking interviews
  • Create financial models from the bottom with the help of step by step guide
  • Create accurate valuation models- LBO, DCF, and multiples
  • Attain strong financial and business knowledge
  • Upgrading your career to the highest level
  • Telling the success stories about the ways how investment banking services first show up
  • Understanding about the difference between the commercial and investment banking
  • Proper explanation about the complete mechanics of an Initial Public Offering
  • Complete understanding of the way pricing is determined in an Initial Public Offering
  • Drawing an accurate IPO timetable
  • Proper understanding of why the organization goes public and what are its benefits
  • Explanation about the bond offering mechanics
  • Understanding on how the prices in a bond offering are determined
  • Creating a timetable for a bond offering
  • Complete information about why the public debt is raised by the companies
  • Defining loan syndication and who generally participates in it
  • Proper knowledge about the securitization and explanation about the reasons due to which it is used by the banks
  • Complete learning about the reasons why the organizations buy the other companies
  • Identification of the useful and successful M & A transactions
  • Explaining the difference between the corporate and financial buyers
  • Describing a range of payment options that are used in an M&A deal
  • Full understanding regarding the real essence of the restructuring services
  • Learning different methods for restructuring an organization
  • Intimating with the different trading, securities, and brokerage that is traded in the financial world
  • Understanding the services of the asset management
  • Become capable to explain the asset management and its expected return rates
  • Calculation of debt, WACC, and equity cost of a company
  • Doing LBO valuation
  • Complete information about the rationale that works behind the leveraged buyout deals
  • Becoming capable of telling who processes LBO deals and how they can become profitable
  • The students will attain the skills that are needed for starting a successful career in the world of corporate finance and investment banking after completing this course.

Course Requirements

  • There is no need for any kind of experience in this course. It will start from the bottom and then build your level of knowledge at a gradual pace.
  • The students should have a desire for learning and practicing.

The Complete Investment Banking Course Details

The Complete Investment Banking Course 2017 is one of the best-selling, creative, and dynamic guides that you can find in the online world. Check out some of its unique features of this exciting course that are mentioned below:

  • More than 64 pages of the course notes
  • Over 12-course challenges
  • Include 26 PDF files
  • More than 32 excel files
  • A complete information that includes main terms and phrases
  • Case studies and examples about the real world
  • Interesting and useful facts regarding the financial industry
  • Around two valuation models that will help you from the bottom
  • High definition video content around five hours

The Complete Investment Banking Course begins with the introduction to four key areas of investment banking that include Trading & Brokerage, Asset Management, Capital Markets, and Advisory.

After that, we will talk in-depth about each of these lines in the business.

The best part about this exciting course is that you will get a chance to learn different kinds of valuation techniques. Some of them are used by the Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, and Goldman Sachs. In this course, we will tell you about the ways for carrying out a Leverage buyout valuation, multiple variations, and a Discounted Cash Flow Valuation. You will learn about the ways to estimate the cost of capital and future cash flows of a company. You don’t have to be worried if you are completely unfamiliar with these things presently because all the things are shown in a step by step format in this course so that our students stuck anywhere.

This is one of its kind place that offers all the things that are required for securing a job in the Wall Street.

Why should you sign up for this The Complete Investment Banking Course?

Check out the things that make this course different from the others:

  • High-Quality Content

It is an exciting content that only includes high definition videos and animations. They are not a collection of boring lectures that you often see in the majority of courses.

  • Experienced and professional instructor

The creator of this course is a trained and professional instructor who has experience of working on many M&A transactions.

  • Full training package

As we have mentioned before, it is one of its unique kind of course that covers all the topics from the bottom to the top. You will be able to learn all the techniques that can help in landing a secure job in the investment banking market.

  • Deep case studies

The course consists of extensive case studies that can help students in reinforcing all the things they have learned into reality.

  • Great amount of material

The course includes many different types of materials, such as infographics, course notes, PDF & excel files, and much more. You will find all the things in the course.

  • Excellent Customer Support

Our team is here to help every time you get stuck somewhere or don’t understand something. All you need to do is simply drop us a message and we will solve your query within one business day.

  • Dynamic Approach

We have created a course that can help the students in learning about the investment banking and don’t waste their time. The instructor will keep the pace of the study steady throughout the course.

  • Bonus Prizes

As we have mentioned above, you will get two bonus gifts from our team. The first one will be given on a 50 % completion of the course, whereas the other one will available after completing the full course.

Now, we will talk about the real question, i.e. you should start a career in the investment banking industry? Check out the following points that we believe are enough for answering your question.

  • High Salary

The banking sector is one of the highest paid industries in the entire world. The investment banker gets million dollar salaries every year.

  • Promotions

The valuable technical skills are acquired by the investment bankers. It allows them to be the leading candidates for the senior roles within private equity companies and industrial firms

  • Huge Growth

It is not like the boring jobs that we often see people working with. You have to face different challenges that allow you to attain new skills and grow in the career

You will get lifetime access to two other courses after signing up in the investment banking course.

So, what you are waiting for? Go ahead and sign up for this course now!! If you don’t buy this course, then you will miss a great chance to acquire better skills than your competitors. You shouldn’t risk your future success and start learning together!!!

Who is the target audience for The Complete Investment Banking Course?

  • Inspiring investment bankers who are looking to advance their career.
  • The individuals who are really ambitious and seeking a way to secure a seven-figure salary in a respected job.
  • All the people who want to learn about the company valuation and investment banking.

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