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What will you get from this Google Analytics Certification Exam Prep program?

  • Complete exam description about the techniques how to crack it for the first time.
  • More than 150 questions to practice with step by step explanations
  • Detailed description about the ideal study resources and cheat sheets for ensuring success in the exam
  • Three techniques that ensure reduction in time needed to study by over 50%
  • Ways to leverage the digital analytics within your company and assisting the other people in a similar way
  • Become capable to list in the Google Database to get certified as the Google Analytics
  • Joining a community having many active peers

Program Requirements

  • A strong will is needed to become high-level digital analytics skills
  • There is no need for any prerequisites or work experience for appearing in the exam or completing this course

Google Analytics Certification Exam Prep Program Details

All you need to know about the Google Analytics Certification Course 2017

It consist of all the things that you need for achieving success in this exam, such as superior study guides, detailed exam description and over 150 practice questions are included in this course.

Check out some of our buyer’s review about this course

* After studying this course, I passed the exam on the first attempt. All you need to do is a study for 2 days that is mentioned in the course.

Shubham Patel

* I got the reference of this course from one of my friends. I become certified within few hours after beginning to study the course. Thanks to the useful material and techniques mentioned in the course.

Simon Richardson

* Wow, this course is truly wonderful that helped me to pass the course easily. I got 92% marks in the exam.

Chin Kunto

What really is the Google Analytics Certification Exam?

After completing the Google Analytics exam, you will be recognized as the certified professional who has proved his/her skills in the field of Google Analytics and Digital Analytics. There are no fees to pay for giving this exam, which is 90 minutes long and consist of multiple-choice questions. In this course, you will get a complete description of the Google Analytics Certified exam.

Is it really worth to be certified by the Google Analytics?

The Google Analytics Certification is much more than just a bullet point mentioned on your resume. After attaining certification, you will receive a wonderful understanding of the techniques on using the Google Analytics in a professional and intellectual way. It not only works for the content websites as it has a high success rate on the e-commerce and mobile websites too.

It is a valuable experience that can attach a great achievement to your career!!!

Why now is it the ideal time for adding this qualification to your resume?

The exam is totally free for you and add an unbeatable value for getting recognition in the industry

You can add a significant achievement to your career by study hard for two months by following this description mentioned in this course.

The major techniques for passing the exam are data driven decision-making, data culture, and marketing analytics. This advantage will help you get an edge in your upcoming interview.

There is no requirement for being too technical for passing the Google Analytics Certification Exam

Every study material and sample question mentioned in this course are designed for giving useful knowledge to the buyers that can allow even the beginners with zero knowledge regarding analytics to become a certified professional. In addition, you don’t need any prerequisites as we will give you all the study material as a part of the course. Moreover, you don’t need any kind of prior experience to complete this course.

Google Analytics Certification Exam Prep Course content and description

You will get up to date data and step by step approach in the course that will help you in passing the test in the shortest possible time. It includes:

  • Wonderful HD quality video lessons
  • Fully explained description about the techniques to crack the test in the shortest possible time.
  • Over 200 practice questions with complete answers
  • Useful study resources and cheat sheets for ensuring the success of the exam
  • Three techniques that guarantee to minimize the time of study by 60%
  • Complete access to a range of active discussion forums and an experienced instructor

Who can get the most out of this Google Analytics Certification Exam Prep course?

  • All the individuals who want to reach the new heights in this new data-driven
  • Fresher graduates who are looking to achieve success in their first interview by showcasing their high-quality skills
  • The specialist in the field of SEO and PPC who are looking to stand separate from the crowd
  • Marketing professionals who are looking to utilize the power of leverage marketing analytics within their job
  • The owners of the website who are looking to take their business to the new heights
  • Organizations who want to train their staff members in a fast manner
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Duration 8 Weeks
Lectures 25
Video 24 Hours


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