Data Analysis for Newbies

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What will you learn from this Data Analysis Course For Beginners?

  • Complete understanding of the data analysis
  • A proper explanation on why the data analysis exists in this world
  • Cleaning, analyzing and visualization of the excel data
  • Complete knowledge about why the databases are important
  • Complete explanation about the existence of databases
  • Execution of the basic SQL commands
  • Complete understanding of the method to model a database
  • An accurate explanation on what exactly is Star Schema
  • Complete understanding of what is a data warehouse
  • Capability for increasing confidence to speak regarding the big data in an intelligent way.
  • Proper understanding of what is data visualization
  • Complete explanation on how the perception and color assists in the data visualization process
  • Developing dashboards and charts in Tableau
  • Constructing an effective and useful presentation

Course Requirements

  • The students should be familiar with the functionality of the MS Excel
  • They should have access to the MS Excel on their device

Data Analysis Course For Beginners Details

It is an exciting and wonderful course that will allow you to learn about the all the important basics in data analysis Excel, Tableau, and SQL. You will get a chance to learn about the method to analyze, clean, and visualize the data in the MS Excel. After that, we will tell you about the databases and what role it plays in data analysis. The course will end up by telling you about the communication and visualization with Tableau.

After completing this Data Analysis Course For Beginners, you will attain a wonderful understand the things mentioned below:

  • What is the exact definition of the data analysis
  • Why there is a need for analyzing data in an organization
  • How you can clean the excel data by sorting, filtering and implementing conditional formatting. You will also learn about the use of VLOOKUPs
  • Method to analyze excel data with the help of Pivot Tables
  • What are databases and how it can be used
  • What is the exact method for the execution of basic extraction by using SQL
  • What is the definition of Big Data and how it works
  • Why Big data present and how it can be utilized
  • Why is the data warehousing and how we can utilize it
  • What is the role of data modeling and how a database can be modeled
  • Why exactly is a data visualization and why it is mandatory? You will also have complete understanding about its working

Please Note: You should be aware of the fact that it is a starter course where our main purpose is to teach you about the basics of data analysis. However, if you already have complete knowledge about data analysis and how to conduct it, then this course might not suit you.

Who is the target audience for Data Analysis Course For Beginners?

  • All the starters who have a deep interest to learn about the data analysis
  • Individuals who are looking to begin their career as a data analyst
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