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This specially designed 4 days Financial Modeling Training or bootcamp on Financial-Modeling is designed for working professionals and hence its not basic introductory course however its a fast pace course covering all the topics of Financial-Modeling with Practical examples and case studies.

Students will be asked to work on real time project and they have to implement all the best practices and leanings of the class in that dummy project which will be allocated to them to work on. Real time practical helps them to get confidence on actually doing and building a real financial model instead of just getting theoretical knowledge of the concepts.

They will be using Excel as a tool to prepare an actual working financial model along with instructor where instructor will not only make them understand the topics but also get them involved in actual implementation of those concepts by building a model by themselves.

Note: If you are not aware about the basics of Financial-Modeling then don’t worry. We do provide a complementary online complete financial-modeling course which will cover all the basic to intermediate level of understanding of the Financial-Modeling concepts. Students are recommended to complete the online course before attending our classroom training for better understanding of the topics.

Complementary Online Course on “Financial-Modeling – Build a complete DCF valuation model” worth USD 249.


Day 1

  • Financial Modeling Principles
  • Excel as a tool for Financial Modeling
  • Building Financial Models from scratch
  • Modeling Growth Drivers, Depreciation, Cost Drivers, Asset and Debt Schedules

Day 2

  • Valuation Principles
  • Projecting Cash Flow Statement
  • Circular References and Handling them
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Valuation using DCF and Comps
  • Scenario Analysis and Building Valuation Dashboards
  • Q and A

Day 3

  • Advanced Functions, Tools and Charting
  • Advanced Tools in Excel for Auditing Financial Models
  • Mastering Financial Functions
  • Advanced Charting Techniques in Excel

Day 4

  • Using Macros and VBA for Financial Modeling
  • Understanding Macros and VBA for Financial Modeling
  • Implementing Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Advanced Charting Techniques in Excel
  • Commodities, Foreign Exchange and Corporate Bonds
  • Q and A

Event Duration: 4 Full Days

Event Timing: 9 AM to 5:30 PM

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