Financial modeling has become a vital component of all the decision-making processes in the business industry. The organizations are allowed to explore the effect of several circumstances by a financial model. It includes business’s operational or financial circumstances, such as project finance, DCF modeling, merger & acquisition, and the list goes on. The financial modeling is greatly utilized by financial KPOs, project financial organizations, investment banks, credit agencies, mutual funds, equity research and financial KPOs organizations.

A most common question asked by the students are mentioned below:

Which jobs relate to the financial modeling? How to reach the job position of financial modeling analyst in an investment banking organization?

Additionally, there are lots of people who wish to have a job in the investment banking industry due to the big bonuses, lifestyle, and high learning curve of investment banks. There are lots of other reasons about attracting people towards this industry.

The key to success is the financial modeling skills

In order to get entry into an investment bank, there is a great level of assistance provided by the financial modeling skills. You should have been aware of the financial modeling for getting any entry-level employment in credit research companies, investment bank, brokerage houses, analytic firms, and equity research firms.
There is a long list of questions asked by the investment bankers about the financial modeling. The learning attitude of a fresher candidate is determined by having skills, such as financial modeling. In addition, it also assists in looking different from the others. You will find that the jobs, such as financial modeling, corporate finance, investment banking and equity research duties demand lots of financial modeling skills.

If you enroll in a financial modeling course, then it will give you a chance to know about the fundamental financial analysis of organizations. In order to decide a buy/ sell call on the shares of public companies, you have to do financial valuation.

For instance, you will be able to see more than 22,300 jobs by searching for financial modeling in any Indian job site.

Now, there are lots of questions asked by an MBA or post-graduate students that are explained below:

  • What kind of job opportunities can one have after completing the financial modeling course?
  • After successfully passing the financial modeling course, what type of job options can be accessed in the industry?
  • Can you offer me the names of organizations who look for employers with the financial modeling skill?

Now, check out the answers

There are lots of companies whom you can contact after attaining the financial modeling skills in your wardrobe. The financial modeling can be defined as the backbone and heartbeat of Financial Research. That’s why the following companies look for the people with these skill levels.

  • Companies that rate credit
  • Organizations involve in analytic work
  • Project finance organizations
  • Equity research firms
  • Investment banks

New candidates are hired by the majority of investment banks for the analyst positions. It is the duty of an analyst to research and collect data related to the market in the cases of equity research. They are completed by creating a financial model, doing industry analysis and then offering recommendations on the basis of models for the managers and their associates.

Check out the list of companies that provide financial modeling positions-

Financial Modeling Positions- Name of Investment Banks

JP Morgan, RBC, BNP Paribas, Evercore Partners, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse

Financial Modeling Jobs- Name of Credit Rating Agencies across the globe

DBRS, Japan Credit Rating Agency Limited, Rating, and Investment Information, LACE Financial, Realpoint LLC, Bgan-Jones, Standard & Poor’s Moody’s and AM Best

Financial Modeling Jobs- List of Indian Credit Rating Agencies

Credit Information Bureau India Limited, Equifax, Credit Analysis & Research Limited, High Mark Credit Information Services, SME Rating Agency of India Limited, Brickwork Rating India Private Limited, Crisil Limited, ONICRA, and ICRA Limited

Financial Modeling Positions- Information about analytical organizations

Latent View, IBM Analytics, HCL Analytics, TCS Analytics, Accenture Analytics, Wipro Analytics, McKinnsey Knowledge Center, Mu Sigma Analytics, Cognizant Analytics, and AbsolutData

Financial Modeling Positions- Information about Indian Job Portals

Monster India, Placement India, Career Age,, CareerBuilder,, Jobs DB India, Times Jobs, and

Common Financial Modeling Job Details (Including financial modeling skill)

  • Performing Valuation metrics and analysis of competitor
  • About one to three-year experience in the related field
  • Should have relationship-building skills needed in the investment industry
  • Checking analyst reports and capable to brief them for the senior officials
  • Arranging road shows, conferences, and earning calls with the investors and shareholder representatives
  • Superior skills related to presentation and communication
  • Strong wish to attaining deep details regarding a sector and its trends

Education Requirements

  • Graduates or engineers having adequate information about financial modeling
  • MBA or CA
  • Expert in the excel
  • Companies also prefer CFA