There is thinking among people that being a badass Business Analyst is try to look stylish and talk only about intimidation. It is about utilizing your major strengths to reach your mission. So, check out some of the ways that can allow you to be a badass in this professional world:

Full passion for your skill is a wonderful and powerful energy

If you want to be a badass, then there should be a passion in your work to learn new things and explore new ideas in your working profession. A badass always remains ready for learning something new regarding their skills. You should be ready to step up and show what you can perform in reality. Sitting back and waiting for the destiny is not the right way. For example, if you are good at drawing diagrams, then utilizing them in your work on a regular basis is an amazing idea.

I was managing on many different projects simultaneously some years ago. At that time, the things were not going as per my expectation and I realize that there is a need for something extra to take the things on track. Then I make some time out of my schedule for checking the problems that our team was facing. Then I make a decision to explore several approaches and ideas by contacting other people outside the organization for getting some advice and doing a little research for handling major issues in projects. I attain information about scope management methods due to this research that applied to my project. My boss noticed that I went out of my comfort zone and become fearless in learning new techniques about my skills. I become capable to create innovative things by attaining and learning new techniques. It allows me to save the project from possible failures.

Stay positive

No one likes a person who constantly interrupts talks in a negative manner and reaches to conclusions without thinking seriously. These kinds of individuals always complaining about the others. You should have a tough mentality that can make you strong during tough times. A badass person will stay calm, think crystal clear and find out positive possibilities. You should avoid the talks with the people who always crashes you down. Instead of that, understand the individuals who believe in tackling the bad phases of life with a smile and know how to generate opportunities that have the ability to make positive modifications. Always Remain dedicated to reaching your goal when others back down. Be like a person who always says I have some ideas that can assist me in tackling this tough time and be successful.

During my early days, I worked on some of the toughest projects having remarkable needs, but a development staff who was either looking to or just could not complete those requirements with the present system in place. The team started thinking negatively about the challenges that come in front of them during the development process. The attitude of all my team members vanished and we accomplished nothing. At that time, the project was on the path to failure. So, I thought to have a pizza party that forces my team to the thought that I must have lost my mind. However, the pizza does something extraordinary and mood of my team completed changes. During the party, I told my team that I know situation may be bad and understand that the organization shouldn’t accomplish anything with their craft sets. This was my method to transform the entire mood in a positive manner.

It was a very difficult work because I have to work extremely hard so that attitude of all the team members changed after spending months in the negative environment. I told my entire team on the face that there is not even a single person who prefers to work with the negative team because it really sucks. My question was what things we can change right now for making our team productive and happier. After tackling with the hurdles, it becomes easier for everyone to indulge in doing the right work to the project. I was telling myself continuously that I will stay positive no matter what happens. The attitude of my team evolved after some time. After this incident, all my team members and company leaders continuously tell me that they always count on me for staying positive during the bad times and figuring out the solutions to the problems.

Know your skills and tools

A badass will be the person who will never stop learning about the base of their tools or skills. They always thought about expanding their knowledge and utilize their present craft. It is not a difficult to become comfortable and start to feel like there is no need for learning more. A badass will be the person who looks for an opportunity to attain new skills.

I was working like a pigeon-holed at an organization in my past life. I did an amazing job at data reporting and warehousing and that’s why no one in my entire company wants to allow me to try something unique or different. It makes me pretty bored as I was doing the similar kind of job daily. There was no doubt that I was learning lots of new things regarding data warehousing and reporting, but never thought about attaining new skills in the other areas. In order to get something new, I voice some issues and become successful in getting transferred into a call center application. It was perfect for me to pursue it as this system was feeding the data warehouse. I move further without worrying regarding the data and begin moving into the design and workflow of interface design for the new call center application. It was a perfect experience for utilizing my knowledge about the knowledge of data warehousing and reporting for creating better user interfaces and business processes. After completing the project, my colleagues started to see me brilliant in data warehousing as well as business processes. The door was opened that give me a chance for working on new types of projects. I am writing this to tell that you should never be afraid of getting out of your comfort zone. You must value your talent.

Make the life of others better

A badass should be the one who always thinks about the improving the lives of the members of their team by targeting the major things. You need to be creative enough for solving the issues that your team faces in daily. It has similar kind of importance as solving the problems of the team. There is a great power in the process improvement. A badass know that it’s not about one achievement, but help others to attain great glory.

You must have heard about this common phrase “it is not a part of my job”, especially in the larger organizations where all the roles are defined properly. A badass is a person who is always looking for the methods for making the working conditions better so that the team can perform better. It can be an easier one like making a library of previous documents that need to be used again or it can be finding a method for reducing the reporting time easier. No matter, whatever the work is, a badass will always try to find methods that can improve the processes and have the courage to give valuable suggestions to the team.

Know yourself well

It is pretty important that you should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. A badass know what their plus and negative points are. We only target our weaknesses in the corporate culture of the present world. If you only target the weaknesses, then your performance will be severely affected. A smart person understands the technique to use their strength and engage other people for giving them assistance while dealing with their negative points.

There are lots of negative things that I have to find out about myself. All the things that include molding clay into an object are bound for failure. My skiing trips finish like a bad tree hugging. I am a driver and I know that I need to be bright and quicker. It was the half of my career when I realize that how it affects the people who are not in the driving profession. I become successful in softening my approach by understanding the technique I lead and work. It helps me in becoming more collaborative with the other people. The strength of my driving mentality was recognized by the others. I started communicating very preciously and quickly on the projects.

I strongly recommended you to explore your strengths when possible. Go out and find out your weak area. After that, look for someone who is a master in that area and help you in balancing it out. If you are lucky enough to work in a team together, then exploring each other’s strengths and weaknesses can help in balancing the team. You should stop looking for the perfect team members who should have no weaknesses. Instead, you should think about creating one.

Don’t always say the things that can please others

A badass will never be a butt kisser or a man who will always say yes to others. The other people will never trust a person who continuously says what they want to say as they can honestly believe that person. It is just like being a parrot who continuously pleases the other person. Conflicts is a part of life and a badass should understand that. So, you must say those things that others don’t want to hear.

However, there is a trick that you should say that without irritating anyone. If there is a Loin in the hall, then you should say that there is a Loin in the hall. If you want to be badass, then you shouldn’t hide that. Instead, you should give it amazing power. You should force them on the other person. You should implement “Toot, Toot, and Salute” rule. First of all, you should address the issue and re-group your thoughts if there is no disagreement or response. Address them again and if still, you don’t get any response, then move on and never thought about this again.

Asking questions, challenging and thinking in-depth

The majority of people doesn’t like to get challenged by the others because it puts them in the defensive circumstances. The person who understands that challenging an approach is art that helps in bringing in-depth meaning and understanding is a badass. That person will understand that without asking any questions and thinking in-depth, the whole problem can’t be solved fully.

Not even a single person likes to get interrogated from the other person. You should be fearless and consider about thinking in-depth. You should verify your approach and in-depth thinking with the questions related to the “Help me understand”. You should share your learning to validate it. You need to appreciate a range of perspectives and collect important information for making the picture crystal clear. The most important issues I develop for myself was creating assumptions that can’t be validated. At that particular time, you may be able to validate and challenge. Note it down, research on it and figure out if you require to challenge it. You should do that in an appropriate and thoughtful manner. Stepping back and scheduling a challenge at some later stage.

Help your team even if you aren’t a leader

A badass is a strong person who can lead their team, even it isn’t included in their job responsibilities. They should be initiated and don’t think about going away from leading in their skill. They will never wait for the others to schedule the needs of a meeting. Instead of that, they will step up and schedule it.

I have played the responsibilities that were not a part of my duties many times. Moreover, I felt easier to work than the other business analysts in that work, even I was a project manager at that time. So, if you believe in something and you need team needs that, then stepping up and helping them is the best idea. It will show that you care for the project of your team.