Being SEO, is simply about following easy, misleading, and uncomplicated methods.

What we really do?

We simply identify people’s search behavior, in regards to our industry or products or services. The next step is to develop every web page relevant to the search behaviors of people.

Thus, we prompt Google to chase and find us. But, it don’t end here; we also ensure Google understand our motive, trust our credibility, and give us the desired ranking.

So, at the end we wait, and may get the rise in traffic flow to our websites or specific webpage.

Mission Critical!

Imagine, we have everything in place, but we are still not ranking in top of page. Isn’t that annoying or worrisome?

There arise few conditions, which can make SEO tricky and tough, at the same time.

  • If search behavior of prospective customers are followed and applied; but demands for your product or service or business see no change.
  • The second condition can be more serious, like you have no market or demand or search behavior relevant or focused to your product or service or business.


The examples will help you understand, how things gets difficult.

How can you enhance the volume of traffic, to the books segment in an e-commerce website or say something as big as Amazon.

The real challenge is when you need to make people aware of a new service, which exists; but not popular. Like online streaming of Netflix, before the awareness about online streaming was known.

This article, will briefly talk about 4 strategic plan of action, which can help in developing relevant SEO page to build organic traffic.


Sometimes, we need to make people aware of the service or good. This, enlarge your market and this shows positive impact on your ROI. So, ranking higher should not always be the aim; one should also focus on building market.

The best part of the 4 actions plan, is it don’t’ require any focus on link building or changing your existing pages.

1. Capture Connected Territories:

This is an imperative marketing technique. It also suits the SEO purpose in long run. It’s always wise to keep an eye over the connected markets to your own.The advantage of this technique is it gives you an open market where you have to face low competition, and fare well. It’s better for startup, which is focused on becoming brand, is having their own domain, a well navigational website to build, and there on cash in.How to start hitting connected markets?

Example: Start should be form conceiving related products or services.

Say, XYZ is a property listing website or forum or platform.

The best way to go at it is targeting other similar verticals.

Like – Target: Home insurance, home valuation, flat rent, flat sharing listings, key areas, area guides

The step ahead becomes easier, after the list is chalked. Thus, now as a SEO expert you should involve in keyword research. Later, you should study the higher ranked pages on the keywords selected.

The idea is simply to extract, wherever you find a keyword opportunity.

The notion changes from the fact, that here you’re sort of doing ‘SWOT’ analysis.

What you do?

Firstly, you analyze the core landing pages

Second you evaluate their brand value, domain authorities and branded search volumes

Third, you measure the quality of their landing pages

Fourth, you smartly assess their SEO strategies or say a look through their basics

Lastly, off course you need to question the SEO inside you, can you do better, then theirs

Now, you need to find out, which is your strong and weak markets or connected verticals.

For example, home insurance will attract strong players, brands, co-branding sites; on the other hand flat sharing will be relatively weak vertical as it will have few new or badly executed websites.

That weak vertical becomes your dominated vertical. Also, this is how you identify market.

Does, it have risks?

Estimated risks are always present in business. The best way to tone down risk is to begin with a nominal executable version.

Say, a single landing page; sometimes it can be white-labeled product.

On the basis of how it performs, you can expand investment in this strategy.

The central idea is about building a trusted brand; with a strong online presence. If you have high traffic, user’s involvement, then you can easily expand your user reviews in other market areas. This helps you in consolidating other key markets and out distance small brands.

2. Welcome the Timid:

Your vertical or related segment may have plausible opportunities; but the potential buyers may be fearful or not confident about the product.


Online laptop store’s faces one common problem; today most of the buyers are suspicious of buying laptop online, that too without expert assistance. Thus, it leads to two types of purchasing behavior.

First, either one will not buy due to lack of confidence; second one will go for laptop with low cost.

So, you need to optimize the page, to give confidence to your audience. It should be based on keywords adding benefits and pages with user centric features.


Best laptops under £ 500, lightest laptops, best laptops for gaming, etc. can be used as promotional tags. They are attractive, and will influence the decision of the buyer.

User centric web pages are more build with features like ‘comparisons’ ‘co-branding’ ‘feature comparisons’ and ‘semi – editorial’.

Thus, whenever you can make visitors or buyers free of fear, complexity and make them feel safe, it will support their buying behavior.

3. Add Some Features:

You can also hire expert bloggers or video managers or content creators. This adds interesting fervor to your website.

This attracts, involve and engage people with your website. Therefore, you can always have high traffic inflow and more users trusting you.

Example: the automotive listing site does it great. They hired the automotive columnist ‘Doug Demuro’ to create videos, articles, and interesting stuff for their news section.

Now, it’s both way promotions. Dough’s created contents can well fetch user engagement; and the mention of at Dough’s You Tube Channel with 7 digit viewing counts matters a lot.

Collaborations are great for business, if it gives benefits to both the parties.

The out of the box thinking is to ensure that users engage with your brand emotionally or socially.

The more they see your products, services and offers in their feed, the more they are ready to purchase.

4. Let Potential Users know You Exist:

Sometimes, it’s about real smart and hard work. A mixture of both. Your prospective clients may not be aware of your presence. So, you need to reach out to them. The best way is to apply ‘demographic targeting, research editorial sections, and branded contents’.