Taking interviews for project management positions isn’t an easy task that the majority of people think. How will you aware of the things that should be asked of the candidates? Furthermore, how do you utilize the short amount of time for allowing the candidate showcase their skills in an ideal way?

Another amazing fact about these interviews is that it isn’t difficult for the candidates to give solutions to the basic questions. The reason behind that is there are lots of books regarding interviewing & recruiting having those questions. The candidates have a great amount of time for rehearsing their answers for making sure the exact process can become a simple box-ticking exercise.

In this post, we will tell you about 10 most incredible questions to hire an amazing project manager. You should try some of these questions when there is a need to hire a project manager.

What are the things on which you don’t wish to work?

Positive because- There are a plethora of job that we never like, but that’s not the case with project managers. They have to work on all the assigned works with the same dedication. It isn’t bad to prefer something, but you need a professional who can work as per the requirements of your projects even if they don’t like that.

Bad response- I prefer to select the projects on which I like to work & only wish for the ones related to the digital media. Is it acceptable to you?

How would you rate the project management as a career on the scale of 1-10?

Positive because- It will tell you about what their career means to them & whether they take themselves progress in their project management duties. Don’t forget to ask them the reason they choose that rating.

Negative response- My rating is 1 as I am only working on this job to pass the time prior to I receive a proper job.

What is the most important duty that a project manager has to perform?

Positive Because- In this answer, you will know about their priorities & whether they are aware of the duties of a project manager or not. Additionally, you will also become successful in demonstrating whether they can adapt the environment of your team or not. If you target the process sharply & believe that the ideal thing is to remain flexible & adapting environment as you move on so that you don’t have to get on.

Negative Response- Well, it isn’t mainly related to the admin or anything else.

On which activity you utilize most of your time daily?

Positive Because: This answer will allow you know how they perform their duties. Someone who spent the majority of time outside & meeting clients in a week may be best for the job or one spending all its day at the laptop. Always keep one thing in mind that they might be looking to perform a job that they don’t do now so that if they say something that doesn’t suit your requirements, then it isn’t a good idea to rule them out prior to exploring that further.

Negative Response– Facebook

How do you incorporate with the sponsors? How do you perform the management work?

Positive Because- The greatest rule about management is working perfectly with the seniors. This job needs to be performed by the project managers daily. That’s why it is important to check out how these relationships can work.

Negative Response- I never find it good to work with the sponsors. They aren’t more than a figurehead, so I never bother about that.

Explain the incident when you didn’t delegate last time?

Positive Because: This will allow you to learn whether they are happy to be honest & tell you openly about a time where things don’t work out. It will show their ability to move on from the mistakes & deal with them. The key to any project work is delegating work packages. You will only want to hire one who understands this thing.

Negative Response- I prefer not to delegate as it is better to it myself.

Can you tell about the toughest ethical decision that you have made in your work?

Positive Because: It will tell you how aware they are of the Ethics PMI code. Furthermore, if they weren’t known about that, you will get a chance to know about their approach towards the work. It can be utilized for opening up an incredible discussion that will make you judge how they can adapt themselves to your organization’s environment.

Negative Response- Once I awarded the most expensive contract to my cousin. However, I receive a great holiday package in return.

Which procedure do you utilize for finding your next job?

Positive Because: This response will allow you to learn about the things that are important to them during the work, i.e., career progression, the balance between work & life, green credentials, working for a larger organization, etc. Additionally, you will also get aware of the fact that if they are looking for the job passionately or just they have seen your ad & contacted you. However, both of them are fine.

Negative Response: Yearly package, travel expenses & the opportunity to travel in the foreign countries.

How have you made the level of project management processes at your present company?

Positive Response: There is no chance that each project manager gets an opportunity to work on critical & exciting business projects that make a CV great. However, every person receives a chance to provide some suggestions for making an improvement. Find out one who has a unique mind & doesn’t fear about putting them forward.

Negative Response: All these things are pretty rubbish, but I have never tried them as there is no point to do that.

What are the techniques that you use to solve the creative problems?

Positive Because: It is important to know about the technical skills of the person whom you are interviewing. Check out how accurately they talk about role play, De Bono’s thinking hats or other related things. Link the talk with the previous project that they completed with their creative mind.

Negative Response- I prefer to solve all the issues myself without any interruption from my team.